Brain-Hacking: Optimierung des Gehirns über Sound und Technologie (Dieser Workshop findet in English statt)

The human brain is an evolving social organ. It has an amazing capacity to learn and adjust. Today, with increased demands, overwhelming disruption by technology, industrial pollution, and environmental factors, we are accumulating unprecedented stress and cognitive load. One area that can be affected by this emerging reality is sleep cycles. Too often, we complete our day’s work, and when we go to bed, we cannot asleep. Chronic stress and sleep deprivation are responsible for poor performance and a wide range of illnesses. While all that is true, the advances in technology are here to help us regain control. Brain Computer Interfaces are revolutionizing the way we track and train our brains.

In this session, Antonio will demonstrate brain-tracking in real time. This will show how the human brain is constantly at work, processing all kind of stimuli. He will talk about the importance of harnessing Alpha waves to reduce stress. He will show real time how the brain reacts to Alpha waves. He will explain simple ways that help your brain respond and process the world we live, work and love.